Inflatable Water Hammock Floating Bed

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Summer time is here, and every new day opens another chapter on our season’s heat journey. The essence of the amazing Inflatable Water Hammock Floating Bed is to give your semi-submerged comfort will cooling off at the pool or beach.

Fashioned from high premium PVC material, the variety color rich Inflatable Water Hammock Floating Bed makes water fun during those days of intense heat. Total submersion requires ample energy, but with the floating bed, you can enjoy absolute coolness without expending significant effort. And with the head and neck rest feature, cooling off during summer heat can’t be much more fun than this.


  • Can Carry Up To 200kg of Body Mass
  • Effortlessly Move Over the Water
  • Easy to Fold and Move Around
  • All-Round Semi Submerged Comfort
  • Head and Neck Rest Feature
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable


    • Material: PVC
    • Weight: 100g
    • Extended Size: 130cm x 73cm
    • Folded Size : 15cm x 15cm x 3cm
    • Color: Navy Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red


    • 1 x Inflatable Water Hammock Floating Bed


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