Infused Magnetic Foot Support Sleeve

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Bad feet are the some of the great resistance to the art of movement. There’s the incurring bone, muscle and ligament pain, a loss in balance, posture defect and sometimes swelling. The Infused Magnetic Foot Support Sleeve proffers instant solutions to the excesses of a defect feet.

Designed to enact stability between the heel and foot through its 3 level support structure, the Infused Magnetic Foot Support Sleeve boasts a breathable, ultra-thin fabric perfect on barefoot and beneath socks. Its 7 zone effect also eases pain as would an intense feet massage.


  • Reliefs Pain: 
    The design of the Infused Magnetic Foot Support Sleeve provides a three-level support system that boosts blood circulation, ease muscle tension towards relief
  • Works Barefoot or With Boots: 
    Adjustable fabric create same stability in boots and outside them
  • Eliminates Swelling: 
    Better flow of blood through movement means increase in metabolic process that hinder inflammation
  • Therapeutic Effect: 
    Leaves intense feeling of relief common to deep tissue foot massageCompression Foot Ankle Angel Sleeve Anti Fatigue Compression Foot Sleeve Sock. (Large)
  • Open-Toe: 
    Interchangeable for both feet. Open end for breathability
  • Lightweight and Durable: 
    Plush, ultra- slim comfortable fabric design


    • Material: Cotton
    • Weight: 100g
    • Size: (Shown as Chart)
    • Color: Black


      • 1 Pair x Infused Magnetic Foot Support Sleeve


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