Innovative Smoke Absorbing Ash Purifier

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Presenting the newest method of disposing ashes from cigarettes, the modern ashtray of this generation, the Ash Purifying Powder that turns into gel. Recommended by medical professionals, this product is made to help minimize the amount of second hand smoke. It works by absorbing the smoke that the smoker is exhaling and keeping the air clean. With the smoke being absorbed by this Ash Purifier’s snow, the soot will not spread around through the air


Not only it helps in maintaining the atmosphere in your area clean, but it also helps in keeping your space free from ashes and smoke’s dust. Aside from that, it also aids in preventing fire accidents caused by smoking cigarettes.

This product works in two ways. Place the gel next the smoking area and let it absorb polluted air and keeping the atmosphere clean from smoke. Also, you can place the cigarette butts into the gel, prevent further smoke from spreading through the air by putting out cigarette instantly.


  • Family and environment Safety

Can keep you away from harmful smokes that come from cigarettes. It also helps in avoiding fire accidents caused by smoking cigarettes.

  • Minimize the amount of second hand smoke

By keeping the air you breathe clean and extinguishing the ashes smokers exhale.

  • Keep your atmosphere clean

Extinguish ashes and smoke from cigarettes smoking with the help of this product.

  • Makes the air you breathe free from pollutants

Smokes can be considered as pollutants and this product can eliminate them to provide you with fresher air.

  • Effective

The result is immediately noticeable. This product wastes no time when it comes to your health and safety.

  • Smells good

While absorbing harmful smoke and ashes in the air, it also releases fresh scent into the atmosphere.

  • Easy to dispose and clean

Simply toss it into the trash when it is filled and the gel will be thrown away entirely without any residue.

  • Easy to set up

Put the product into the tray and mix it with water, then let it dry down to a gel form.

  • Made from quality purifying ingredients

We assure you that we use effective and quality purifiers on this product that effectively absorb nicotine and ashes.

  • Wide scope of application

You can use it within your home, your office, your warehouse, your business establishments, and many other places where you usually smoke or the people around you smoke.


Weight: 150g

Form: Powder/Gel


1 Jar of Innovative Smoke Absorbing Ash Purifier


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