InstaClean™ Effervescent Cleaner Set


Now you can have a powerful solution to deal with unending & tiring cleaning chores. An effective cleaner set that can vanish any kind of stains in just a minute! The all-new InstaClean™ Effervescent Cleaner Set.  You don’t have to spend all day cleaning anymore, for it has a strong decontamination effect, which greatly reduces the amount of work and energy to eliminate stains, build-up debris, dust, and dirt!The biological enzymatic formula effectively decomposes stains without chemical bleaching. Guaranteed to be harmless and non-toxic to use at home, especially safe for family with kids and pets.


Biological Enzymatic Formula 
Decompose stains in a chemical-free and non-toxic way. Guaranteed to be safe for kids and pets.
All-in-1 Cleaner
It works in all types of surfaces,  replace all your ordinary cleaners and save the money. It works on steel, tiles, wood, ceramics, glass, etc.

Deep Cleaning
1 tablet can be dissolved with 4 gallons of clean water. Simply spray on the stained area and rinse, eliminate stains and dirt in minutes!

Safe & Non-toxic
It contains no bleaching or fluorescent agents. Will not cause damage to utensils, tools, furniture, or human skin.


  • Net Bottle Capacity: 50 ml
  • Type: Tablet Cleaner


  • InstaClean™ Effervescent Cleaner Set ( 10, 30 tablets)
  • Spray Bottle (optional)



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