InstaCover Flawless Waterproof Foundation

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Reverse your skin with a flawless & natural look is now a breeze – InstaCover Flawless Waterproof Foundation covers your blemishes and give your skin a perfect complexion with minimal effort! 

Formulated in a premium blend of natural ingredients and organic essence, the foundation is specially designed for max coverage of any blemishes or imperfections. With a light and smooth texture, it covers unwanted spots and unifies skin tone so you can easily conceal your flaws in buildable layers with no further touchups needed. It seamlessly blends into your original skin tone like a natural filter.

Thanks to the moisturizing feature, the foundation will never clog your pores or cause any embarrassing cracks on your face, which makes it perfect to blur out any lines and wrinkles in a flattering way. The advanced formula has also made this foundation resistant to water and transfer, thus it will stay put for the whole day even on the most humid days with no color fading.


  • Max coverage: normal, tattooed, elderly, blemished skin
  • Organic & Allergic-free: perfect for ALL skin types
  • Durable: waterproof, transfer-proof & color-true
  • Natural: blends in well into natural skin tone
  • Moisturized: Proper oil control with no dryness
  • Comfortable: Non-greasy & thin texture
  • Long-lasting: stays put for 18 hours
  • Flattering: a natural matte finish


Color: Vanilla, Ivory, Cream, Nude, Almond, Malt, Mocha

Size: 35 ml


1 x InstaCover Flawless Waterproof Foundation


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