Instant Car Tire Repair Kit

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Punctured tires cannot be fixed without an extra tire or a car shop. What do you do when you don’t have both? This Instant Car Tire Repair Kit uses a simple method of blocking the punctured area with strong rubber cords, your car can be good as new and ready for your rides in 5 minutes.

Keep this Instant Repair Kit in your vehicle for a 5 minutes car tire fix when an emergency happens. Compact design makes it easy to store inside any vehicles, including motorbikes. Comes with 4 tools and steps, your car can be fixed without any professionals knowledge. 


  • Quick and Easy

Four tools and four steps, anyone can fix any tires with this tool kit in five minutes.

  • Strong Hold

Reliable blockage in punctured area for effective proof for any leakage, making sure your tire can work as before.

  • Compact

Entire tool kit is about the same size of your palm, easy to store inside any vehicles, including motorbikes.

  • Three Uses In One Kit

Each kit comes with three strong rubber cords, gives you up to three instant fixed tires.

  • Long Lasting Protection

Temporary solution for damaged tires, however, the rubber cords give you plenty of time before changing to a new tire.


Weight: 200g

Package Includes:

1 Reamer Tool

1 Insertion Tool

1 Rubber Cement

3 Strong Rubber Cords


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