Instant-Clear Screen Cleaning Spray

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 Get rid of the dirt and germs on your screen with our Instant-Clear Screen Cleaning Spray! No more smudges and fingerprints, get ready to be reacquainted with vibrant color and shininess

The special formulated cleaning liquid is totally safe to use. Without alcohol, toxins and ammonia, it won’t damage your sensitive gadgets or your skin after application. Together with the high-quality microfibre cloth as the outer shell, all dirt, dust, smudge and fingerprints can be easily wiped away in one go.

Other than just cleaning dirt you can see, it can also remove bacteria you can’t see. Look at the dirty truth: Public restroom seats are 50 times cleaner than most laptops. All these make us sick but luckily our cleaning spray kills 98% of germs, bacteria and microbes, while keeping your screen new and intact.


  • Kills 98% of germs, bacteria and microbes
  • Clear dirt, dust, smudge and fingerprints in one wipe
  • Easy and simple: spray and wipe
  • No alcohol, toxins and ammonia
  • No damages to screen
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Refillable and eco-friendly

  • Perfect for smartphone, laptop, lens, tv, keyboard etc.

  • Powerful cleaning spray + microfibre cloth all in one


Size: 10 ml


1 pc x Instant-Clear Screen Cleaning Spray (with Refill)



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