Instant Cracked Nail Rescue Gel

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Chipped, cracked or broken nails? All can be fixed in just 5 minutes with this Nail Rescue Gel. A gentle, quick drying and clear formula that also acts as a protection layer. Anyone can fix their nails with this Gel.

Last up to 2 months with proper care for nails, giving you enough to outgrow the broken part. Skin and nail gentle formula making it safe to be used right on the fingers and nails.


  • Quick Fix

Simply apply the gel on broken area and connect the parts. Dries in less than five minutes and no other tools or steps needed!

  • Strengthen Nails

Provides a strong shield of protection on nails to prevent future ruins, letting you nails to maintain its healthy and gorgeous state.

  • Long Lasting

Can last up to two months of hold with proper nail care, giving you more than enough time to grow up brand new nails.

  • Multi-Function

Repair Cracked Nails; Reconnect Broken Cracked Nails; Strengthen Nails; Extend Nail Length; Stick Decoration; Create Ripple.

  • Easy

Anyone can do this without professional knowledge or skills, simply apply the rescue gel as glue to repair your broken nails in just 5 minutes.

  • Safe

Harmless to be used on finger with our skin and nail gentle formula.

  • Invisible

Clear result on nails enables you to rock that natural finish, no one could ever tell you broke your nails.


Weight: 5ml

Color: Clear

Package Includes

1x Instant Cracked Nail Rescue Gel


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