Instant Dry Water Socks

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A timeout in the pool can be highly rewarding, especially in the simmering, hellish heat of hot summer. And while most parts of the body only hit the soft freshness of water, the legs opens up to the coarse shells and harmful sand of the beach. The Instant Dry Water Socks is designed to protect the feet from harm and the hotness of summer surfaces.

Handcrafted from premium cotton material that is widely reputable for durability, the Instant Dry Water Socks is specifically designed for underwater adventure. It protects your legs from bites, stones, shells and coarse surfaces. Lightweight and with a streamlined sole, you can be sure of solid frictioned grip, and a flexible, breathable neckline aimed at maximum comfort.



  • Seamless and Comfortable Design
  • Protects from Shells, Stones and Coarse Surfaces
  • Anti-Slip Material to Keep it Glued to the Leg even While Sprinting
  • Well Streamlined Sole to Aid Friction
  • Quick Dry Feature
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable 



    • Material: Cotton, Rubber, Silicone
    • Weight: 40g
    • Size: XXS to XXL
    • Color: Black, Rose Red, Lake Blue, Orange, Camouflage Blue 


    • 1 x Instant Dry Water Socks


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