Instant Soothing Hemorrhoids Gel

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No more panic over Hemorrhoids – say goodbye to the painful moments and check out the best cure – Instant Soothing Hemorrhoids Gel.

Extracted from 5+ Chinese herbs, the gel instantly soothes the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids i.e. itching, pain, swelling, lumps. It can remove the toxins inside the hemorrhoids and shrink the irritated tissues. The herbal extracts will also restore anal fissure and inflamed veins to the normal condition as well as stimulating the growth of new healthy tissues.

Simply apply twice a day and one syringe each time, for normal cases the hemorrhoids will be healed in 5 days. There will be a mild cooling effect when applying to calm the inflamed tissues. Wash your hands and anus before use. For external hemorrhoids patients, smear the gel around the infected area, while for internal ones, push into the inner sac with the pusher for prompt treatment.



  • 5+ Chinese herbs extraction
  • Instantly soothes the discomfort: itching, pain, swelling, lumps etc.
  • Remove toxins and shrink the irritated tissues
  • Restore anal fissure and inflamed veins to normal condition
  • Stimulate the growth of new tissues
  • Applicable to both external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids patients
  • Hygienic to use
  • Easy instructions: accurate amount assured


Volume: 1 box (3g x 5 syringes) 

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Instant Soothing Hemorrhoids Gel x 1 box


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