Instant Thermoceramic Straightening Brush

$39.99 $18.97

A must-have comb if you want quicksleek & straight hair!
The salon-quality Instant Straightening Brush amazingly straightens your hair & tames frizz as you dry it! It’s quick and easy.

The interlocking row of bristles gently glide through your hair, encasing and smoothing your hair right from the cuticle – giving you silky, straight hair with no tangles or snags.

The innovative vented design allows warm air to circulate freely through the brush for super-fast styling.


  • Straightens hair with no iron
  • Dual-sided ceramic plates bring optimal styling heat
  • Interlocking row of bristles encases, smooths and adds shine to hair
  • Vented design for super-fast drying
  • Easy styling with hairdryer
  • Anti hair static
  • Cordless & wireless


  1. Separate hair into sections
  2. Clamp hair between bristles
  3. Pull the bristles down the length of the hair section while directing warm air from the hairdryer.
  4. Silky straight hair done!


  • 1PC X Instant Straightening Brush


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