Lace Instant High Waist Shaper

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Instantly shapes the belly, slims the waist and butt lift up effect giving you the perfect look you’ve ever wanted. Its extra stretchy, hookless, and elastic structure gives a seamless look. 

Made with Shape Memory Alloy Support; strong and corrosion-resistant. Anti-roll down materials for a hassle-free wearing. Breathable and comfortable to wear enabling you to make exaggerated movements while wearing it especially in bodycon clothing


  • Instant Reshaping ♡

Lifts butt, slims waist and hides tummy for instant beautiful body shape.

  • 3D Hip Push Up ♡

3D Hip Push Up made to shape your hips to look round and full, naturally beautiful and sexy.

  • Stretchy ♡

Made from elastic stretchy materials, enabling you to move freely and perform exaggerated movements.

  • Made with Anti- roll down System ♡

Its anti-roll system will keep it in place, no more awkward pulling your undie up in front of people.

  • Hookless Elastic Structure ♡

Easy and convenient to wear because of its hookless elastic structure. 

  • Comfortable ♡

Made from soft and skin-gentle materials; comfortable to wear, non-irritating. 

  • Durable ♡

Made with memory alloy support which is known for its durability.


Color: Black, Beige, Pink, Purple, Grey

Size: M/L(40-60kg), xL/xxL(60-75kg), xxxL/4xL(75kg-90kg)

Package Includes

1x Lace High Waist Shaper


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