Lazy Worm Rotary Phone Stand

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Let’s take ‘Netflix and Chill’ to the next level with our Lazy Worm Rotary Phone Stand! Watch your favourite dramas in anywhere you wish. For selfie lovers, feel free to take your next most-like picture with the stand now!

With a super cute worm-like outlook, you are welcome to deform it in any way and rotate in 360° depending on the environment. The powerful adsorption ability allows you to wrap or place the stand on different outdoor areas: steering wheel of the car, the handle of the bicycle, the trunk branches etc. Indeed it can also be applied to your desktop, coffee table, wall surface, doors, windows or even tiles. Perfect for watching dramas, video-shooting, photos-taking, navigation etc. 

The highly elastic but lightweight rubber is easy to bend but hard to break, which make its portable to carry. Simple use along with a bluetooth remote control, it’s totally hassle-free for everyone to use.


  • Deformable: Wrap or bend to adapt wherever you are at with 360 degree rotation
  • Cute: Lovely outlook with fun colors for selection
  • Portable: Elastic and lightweight
  • User-Friendly: Bluetooth Remote Control Applicable
  • Multi-functions: Photos/Video Shooting, Navigation, Dramas etc.
  • Powerful Adsorption: Strongly stays even on smooth surfaces
  • Applicable to: Smooth surfaces, bicycle, car, trunks etc.


Size: 51 x 1.47 cm

Colors: Black, Pink, Mint, Green


Lazy Worm Rotary Phone Stand x1


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