Leakproof Hot Dog Drilling Maker

$34.99 $12.97

Create juicy, sauce-ful leakproof hotdogs with Leakproof Hot Dog Drilling Maker!

Designed to DRILL the bun instead of cutting it, it lets you fully enjoy your hotdogs with no mess or spilling.

No more mess in your shirt or seeing the sausages/brats slipping away from your hotdog.

Simply place the conical tip in the edge of the bun and start rotating while pushing it in. You can easily drill the bun and get it ready for adding the condiments followed by the sausage.


  • Drills your hot dog buns in no time
  • Prevents dripping & messy hotdogs
  • Fully stuff your hotdogs with LOTS of saucescondiments 
  • No struggles or hurtful cuts with a knife
  • Easy to use & Kid-safe
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Full size: 1.6” x 7.6”. Drilling surface: 1.1” x 4.5”.



  • 1PC X Leakproof Hot Dog Drilling Maker


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