Leather Refinish and Repair Oil

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Repair any leather items you have!

Leathers make great furniture piece, clothing accessories, shoes, bags one for their glamorous nature, and for the longevity that distills from their natural toughness. But keeping leathers glittering can sometimes require concise intention. The new Leather Refinish and Repair Oil works to repair and reinvent your leather so it shines like its new again.

Combining premium lanolin oil, with an impressive list that includes vegetable wax, active factor and soft ion, the Leather Refinish and Repair Oil revamps your leather color to give your car seat, furniture piece and every leather piece that shining touch. The repairing and polishing effect revive worn and dried out leather so they exude alluring glows within minutes.


  • Quick Appearance Effect
  • A Few Drops is Enough to Make Leather Glow
  • Repairs Dried-Out Leather
  • Revamp Color So Leather Looks New
  • Nourishes Leather so Shine Last Long
  • Durable and Lightweight


  1. Apply evenly on the surface of leather
  2. Polish it with a soft cloth.
  3. Repeat the rubbing several times.

Image result for leather before after


  • Ingredient: Lanolin, Vegetable Wax, Active Factor, Soft Ion
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Color: Brown, Black, Natural Color


    • 1 x Leather Refinish and Repair Oil


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