Leather Travel Jewelry Box

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Be it a stone or ring, everyone loves jewelry, especially for the glows and the glams that come running with it. Keeping your jewelries safe and easily accessible is essential to a long-lasting use. The amazing Leather Travel Jewelry Box is designed to help keep your glowing pieces safe and accessible everywhere even while on the move.


Made of high premium leather material reputable for enviable durability, the new Leather Travel Jewelry Box features overlaying compartments for different sizes of jewelries. Accommodating tens of stones and rings, this box also possess a small mirror for on-the-go self-evaluation. Its portability means it can fit perfectly into bags, purses and pockets seamlessly.


  • Premium Leather Material
  • Sleek, Overlaying Compartments for Different Jewelry Types
  • Fitting for Tens of Jewelry Pieces
  • Highly Portable, Lightweight and Durable
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Makes a Perfect Gift Item


    • Material: Leather
    • Weight: 120g
    • Size: 10cm x 10cm x 5cm
    • Color: Orange, Naked Pink, White


    • 1 x Leather Travel Jewelry Box


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