LED Anti-Collision Warning Lights

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Warns car owners of close by items that might crash with car door by emitting bright LED lights. Energy-saving yet able to emit bright blinking lights that will surely get the attention of other vehicle owners on the road. Easy to assemble, works like a sticker and turns on with automatic sensor.


It comes in different bright colors; perfect to get people’s attention and avoid accidents. Based on studies, anti-collision warning lights and systems can reduce crashes by up to 28%



  • Provides protection while on the road

It protects your car from unexpected crashes through warning the vehicle next to you so that they can adjust their speed to avoid your car.

  • Prevents road accidents by up to 28%

Anti-collision warning systems are continuously helping the community in preventing crashes by up to 28%.

  • LED and energy saving

Energy-efficient and consumes less power, perfect for long term usage, battery can last up to a year of continuous use.

  • Automatic Sensor

Automatically turns on and off with its sensor with automatic metallic sensor. 

  • Waterproof

It will keep you safe even during rainy days, it is waterproof and durable.

  • Fits all car doors

The size and design allow our warning light to fit all car doors, from vans to trucks.


Material: PVP

Colors: Blue, Red, Colors, Yellow


2x LED Anti- Collision Warning Lights


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