Let’s Get Wet Extra Slimming Vest

$43.99 $22.99

Our Extra Slimming Vest designed for your to lose weight & keep your figure extra faster & easier

It can heat up your muscles and make you sweat 5 times than usual by increasing circulation in abdominal area during daily motion & fitness activity.

With our Extra Slimming Vest, you’ll reach your fitness goals faster and easier than expected with less effort!


  • HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSE – Made with smart heating latex-free Neoprene, which can increase body temperature, it stimulates sweat by up to 5 times. It helps to speed up the calorie burning & reducing body fat.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR CURVES – Unique fibers and material produce higher compression, it helps you to firm your body, correct posture & keep a S-shaped curve.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – 15% Polyester, 70% Neoprene, 15% Nylon. Those special material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat. 
  • COMFORTABLE – It is super lightweight & extremely breathable. You can wear under your clothes.


      • Materials : Polyester, Neoprene, Nylon
      • Color : Purple, Blue, Pink, Black


      • Let’s Get Wet Extra Slimming Vest x 1 pc 



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