Liver Detox Blood Cleansing Essential Oil

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A weakened or damaged liver, one of the most crucial detoxifying organs, fails to clean your blood & fight infections.

Liver Detox Blood Cleansing Essential Oil helps detox & strengthen the liver for efficiently filtering out harmful substances & blood lipid control.

The potent botanic extracts assists your liver in the elimination of toxins & fat, preventing the blockage of arteries & vascular disease due to high level of cholesterol.

The proprietary formula of Red Sage Root & Turmeric stimulates the production of liver detox enzymes which controls the elevated bilirubin concentrations in the bloodstream.

Effective Treatment for Individuals who:

  • are Regular Drinkers & Smokers 
  • have Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • work long hours with insufficient sleep


  • Enhances liver regenerating properties to clean your blood
  • Boosts metabolism of cholesterol to prevent blocked arteries
  • Strengthens the liver against alcohol-related effects
  • Facilitates bile flow & detoxification
  • Natural yet potent ingredients with direct penetration to liver
  • Lifts energy level & the immune system
  • Reduces bloating & sudden weight gain/loss


  • Active Ingredients: Red Sage Root, Turmeric, Blend of Essential Oils
  • Net Weight: 10ml


  • Apply it over the midsection of the body, focusing over the liver twice a day.


  • 1PC X Liver Detox Blood Cleansing Essential Oil


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