Lymphatic Detox Herbal Pads

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This Anti-Swelling Herbal LymphPads clears up lymphatic congestion in your body and boosts your immunity in the process. It also purifies your skin, eliminates fatigue and makes you feel energetic with skin that glows.
It stimulates the lymphatic drainage in lymphatic and lipedema by loosening the tissue of fibrosis. The penetrative herbal essence provides a particularly intensive massage effect, which stimulates the microcirculation in the tissues and promotes lymph drainage.
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  • Aids lymph drainage causing pain & swelling 
  • Unblocks clogged lymph nodes, which help with immunity
  • Anti-swelling & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Stimulates expulsion of waste products & toxins
  • Lavender extracts help treat insomnia
  • Boosts energy level

  1. Apply LymphPads one hour before bed-time.
  2. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off paper.
  3. Place the LymphPads on the adhesive where noted to “Put adhesive sheet on this side” and place onto the soles of Your neck.
  4. Remove LymphPads after 8-10 hours.
  5. Wipe surface body part with wet towel.

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  • Weight: 64g
  • Ingredient: Bamboo Vinegar, Vitamin C, Lavender Essence, Radix, Mixed Herbal Extracts


  •  10pcs x Anti-Swelling Herbal LymphPads 


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