Magic Flying Butterfly (5/10 Pcs)


Pull classic pranks on your friends and family with Magic Flying Butterflies. Hide them in unsuspected places and watch the funny surprise on their faces!
This will be a great gag or gifts for everyone
and an inexpensive way to get great laughs and giggles! Every kid and those kid-at-heart will love them!


🦋 Magical Surprise: A simple toy that will give a magical surprise to everyone. The Butterfly wings are colored with a beautiful monarch pattern and it flies like real ones!
🦋 Simple to operate: Wind the toy by turning the front wings, thereby twisting the rubber band. Hide it anywhere you want!
🦋 Safe and Amazing: Designed to mainly float instead of shooting out. Safe for children to play and for harmless pranks.  However, babies under three years old should play under adult supervision to prevent them from swallowing the toy.
🦋 Long Distance: The magic butterfly can fly up to 20 feet in the air!
🦋 Use Multiple Ways: Aside from using it as a prank, give it as a memorable gift to love ones or use it as decorations for weddings, surprises, etc.


Material: Plastic w/ rubber band
Age Range: 5 – 17 y/o & grownups
Toy Dimensions:
11 cm x 12 cm / 4.33 x 4.72 in


5 / 10 x  random colors Magic Flying Butterflies


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