Magic Frisbee Fishing Net


When you have this Magic Frisbee Fishing Net , you don’t need to wait anymore, Novices can also get a big haul of fish by throwing and pulling it instantly.


Well constructed and durable material allows you catch fishes far away silently without wasting live baits.



ENSURE A BIG HAUL OF FISH – Just need to throw and pull the net to get a big haul of fish; dedicated frisbee design is easy to throw a perfect circle

PROVIDE QUICK SINK & TIGHT BOTTOM – Quick sink to water with small sound, improve fishing efficiency obviously

THROW FOR DISTANCE EASILY – Bolded  and lengthening 15m hand rope help you to catch the fish and shrimp, etc. far away

HIGH QUALITY HANDMADE CRAFTSMANSHIP – Fishing line is woven from specially tung oil treated. It is more durable and does not tear easily.

SAVE BAIT COST – No need to wait, easy to catch different sizes and plenty of fishes easily

ABLE TO USE IN DIFFERENT PLACES – You can use it in shallow sea, lake pond, and river



SIZE – 6 ft / 8 ft / 10 ft / 12 ft



1X Magic Frisbee Fishing Net



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