Magic Gel Polish Remover

$28.97 $11.97

Dissolves Nail Polish in 3 Minutes without Damaging your Skin and Nails!

Prepare to welcome this Nail Polish Removal Evolution! Save Time! Save Money! Save Your Smooth Nail & Skin!

This Odorless Remover is Made from natural ingredients –  A EasierCleaner and Safer way to Remove nail polish without Harming your nail beds


💅🏻Effective – Just Apply & Wait! 

Removes most nail polish automatically within 3 minutes of application

💅🏻Keep Nails Healthy and Clean!

Instead of invading your nail bed with extremely strong chemicals, this magic remover dissolves the nail polish, keep your nails healthy and clean.


Free from harmful chemicals, clinically proven safe for skin and nails. Vegan and cruelty-free.

💅🏻Vastly Applicable!

Ideal for removing all kinds of nail polish on all kinds of nails. Regular, gel, matte nail polish on gel, fiberglass, poly gel and acrylic nails.

💅🏻Saves Money!

Has a lower cost than salon fees; will help you save money.

How to use

  1. File off the topcoat
  2. Apply the gel remover
  3. Leave it in a few minutes
  4. Wipe off with a cloth, tissue, or other removal tools



Package Includes

1x Magic Gel Polish Remover



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