Magic Leather Repair Kit

$39.99 $18.99

Our Magic Leather Repair Kit can make professional repairs to an damaged leather item
quickly & easily, regardless of your level of experience or technical abilities.

No skill required
 3-step repair process with step-by-step instructions & videos online.

It can repair scratches, cracks, peeling, holes, rips, burns, pet damages and faded color.

From now on, you can save
cost of purchasing a new item or calling out a professional !


No heat or harsh chemicals are used, thus avoiding any further damage to the surrounding leather

When dry, the leather repair compound remains soft and flexible to retain the natural look

7 color of leather repair compound are included to make it possible to match any color simply by mixing the compounds together. Complete color matching instructions are included in the kit.

Contains glue & filler to repair leather with all types of damage

Easy to use. No special tools or skills are needed


    • Heat Cure Repair Compounds x 7 pcs
    • Vinyl Adhesive x 1 pc
    • Backing Fabric Piece x 1 pc
    • Grain Papers x 3 pcs
    • Practice Vinyl Piece x 1 pc
    • Plastic spatula x 1 pc
    • Empty Mixing Cup x 1 pc
    • Heat transfer tool x 1 pc
    • Instruction Manual x 1 pc


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