Magic Scouring Sponge


ūüėüTired of cleaning dirty, grimy or burnt pans??¬†We have you covered!
Our magic sponge has a technology for you to leave your pots shiny again!
 Clean your stove and other kitchen utensils! 
 Kitchen Cleaning Tool (1)


  • The¬†inner¬†layer¬†is¬†a¬†high¬†density¬†sponge,¬†the¬†outer¬†layer¬†of nano emery
  • Specially¬†design¬†for¬†the burnt, rusty¬†iron¬†pan,¬†pot,¬†dishes,¬†etc.
  • Multi-function:¬†Clean your stove, pots, kitchen utensils, rub¬†the kitchen wall, floor, Use as a sharpener
  • Antibacterial,¬†acid¬†and¬†alkali¬†resistant,¬†durable¬†in¬†use


  • Product size: 10 * 7 * 2.5 cm

Esponja Mágica

Kitchen Cleaning Tool (4)
Kitchen Cleaning Tool (3)

Kitchen Cleaning Tool (2)

Kitchen Cleaning Tool (5)


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