Magic Sponge Hair Curler (6PCS)

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Making beautiful curly hair without damaging your hair!

This curler is made of foam sponge with flexible rubber band to fix and curl hair. Lightweight & ultra-soft texture will not hurt your head when sleeping. It is perfect for ALL hair types – even thick & messy hair can be firmly fixed by powerful Velcro and rubber band!


  • Does not damage your hair with soft sponge and precise stick lock
  • High elastic rubber band to fix hair better
  • Soft & odourless
  • Reusable & easy to clean
  • Light weight
  • Time saving: Can be used while sleeping
  • Healthy and safe to hair without perming hair
  • Perfect for multiple hairstyles/ haircuts (Shortcuts, Sponge, Long hair, on Edge, etc)

  1. Wet your hair slightly and divide your hair into pieces
  2. Open the rubber band. Wrap a strand of hair around the tail of the curler, and fix the hair with the opening of the rubber band
  3. Roll the rest of the hair in turn with the same way
  4. After a period of time, remove the hair curler (you can use the hair dryer to dry and save time)
    • Material: Sponge
    • Size: 10cm x 2.5cm

      • 6 x Magic Sponge Hair Curler


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