Magic Waterproof Concealer Tape (6 pcs)

$39.99 $21.99

Cover your scars & tattoo with our 
ultra-thin & breathable Magic Waterproof Concealer Tape.
Unlike medical tapes. It blends into your skin as if nothing was there, so nobody will notice your scars underneath.
You only need to adhere them onto your skin, so it is much quicker than applying cosmetics. Plus, there is no need to worry about smudging it onto your clothes like foundations & concealers tend to do.


🎀1 second for cover all scars & tattoo

🎀Made of breathable & high quality material

🎀0.02mm thinness for an unnoticeable look

🎀10 times much quicker than applying cosmetics

🎀No need to worry about smudging it onto your clothes 

🎀Reusable which can be worn for a week

🎀Water-proof & strong adhesive power

🎀Perfect for all skin types included sensitive skin

🎀Fit to stick on any part of your body


🎀Size : 11cm x 15cm

🎀Color :  Light, Medium & Tan


🎀Magic Waterproof Concealer Tape x 6 pcs


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