Magical Lip Plumper

$32.99 $11.99

Lips are 50% fuller in just 5 mins !!!

Our formula blends collagen and marine-based filters to increase volume and lock in moisture, leaving your lips soft and smooth with a healthy hint of colour.

It’s gentle on your skin. You’ll see a volumizing effect straight away that lasts for up to 1 day. 


  • Gives your lips instant volume (Up to 50% BIGGER LIPS!)
  • Stays on for 1 day
  • Waterproof & Kiss-Proof
  • Lips appear fuller from first application and plumper overall, over time
  • Clear gloss with light-reflecting shine and supreme moisture


  • Net weight: 4ml
  • Size: 4.1inch x 0.8inch

Package details:

  • Magical Lip Plumper x 1pc


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