Magnetic Panda Comforter Clips

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Keep your comforter and its cover well in place.

Magnetic Panda Comforter Clips use an innovative magnetic pinning system to hold your duvet / comforter in place fast & secure, featuring the new detach buttons for easy removal.

No more messy bunching cover sheets every morning!

Just put this pin through the materials you want to connect (i.e., your comforter and your cover), place the panda on the pin and voila!


  • Innovative magnetic pinning system to hold your duvet/comforter
  • Fast & securely holds over 10kg of strength

  • EASY TO USE: simply put the pin through duvet and insert into the cap.
  • Easy detachment buttons
  • 2 sizes of pins for thinner & thicker comforters
  • Applicable on furniture slipcovers & curtains


  • Panda Cap Size: 4.5×4cm/1.77×1.57in
  • Please note: Long Pin is suitable for winter quilts; and Short Pin is suitable for summer air conditioning quilts or bed sheets.



  • 8pcs X Panda Caps
  • 8pcs X Long Pins
  • 8pcs X Short Pins


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