Magnetic Thermo Back Pain Therapy Belt

$49.99 $21.97

No more nerve pain flaring up in the lower back & waist! Magnetic Thermo Back Pain Therapy Belt ceases nerve & bone pain by stretching out the nerve and diminishing the compression which causes the sciatica, back pain, numbness & stiffness.

Embedded with 14 massaging magnets, it forms a magnetic field on micro-circulation and heals inner tissues for quick pain relief.


  • 3-in-1 Magnetic FIR + Heat Therapy + Back & Waist Brace/Support
  • 14 Therapeutic magnets for deep tissue massage 
  • Spine support & post-injury protection
  • Stimulates sensory receptors in skin to reduce nerve & muscle pain
  • Emits Far Infrared Radiation & negative ions
  • Improves circulation & assists in healing
  • Adjustable & breathable Neoprene double layer braces



  • Wear during the day for back nerve & bone therapy and lumber & back support


  • 1pc X Magnetic Thermo Back Pain Therapy Belt


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