Mandarin Herbal Ointment Cream

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The Mandarin Herbal Ointment Cream is a newly developed Herbal formula specialised for Various Skin Infections and Inflammations.

 It works by Quenching the reproduction of bacteria by inhibiting the bacterial protein production. It perfectly STOPS the Bacterial Interaction with skin.



  • Treat Skin Infections
    Its Anti-Inflammatory Content effectively stops the bacterial action for the infected parts.
  • Quick and Effective Absorption
    It blends immediately with the skin given the unique texture and ingredients of the cream.
  • Maximise Skin Protection Against Bacteria
    It stops any further bacterial production around the applied area to give a perfect protection for the skin
  • Tightens and Firms Skin
    The Herbal content smoothes and beautifies the skin, giving a silky texture.


Package Includes:
1 x Mandarin Herbal Ointment Cream


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