Medical Grade Comfort Foot Alignment Socks 

$25.97 $11.97

Comfort Foot Alignment Socks Correct your Hallux Valgus effectively. You can keep your mobility and beauty even if you take off your pointed shoes!


Made with high quality soft fabric and five toe separated design, you can wear it comfortably and you are no need to worry about any cross infection!



FOOT TOE ALIGNMENTFive toe separated design is great for hammer toes, bunions, crooked toes, overlapping toes and healing Hallux Valgus, able to realign deformed toes without undergo expensive surgeries

RELIEVE FOOT PRESSURE – Increase the heel size and fit your foot curve, provide compression to alleviate swollen legs and aches, relieve your foot pressure effectively

ENHANCE CIRCULATION – Aid in recovery from stiffness

SWEAT-ABSORBENT & BREATHABLEDeodorant and keep your foot dry, also they prevent athlete’s foot and cross infection effectively

WIDELY USED – Suitable for people who has foot fatigue &  foot swelling; is after doing housework or after work; sit or stand for a long time

WARM, ELASTIC & SOFT – They are easy to keep your foot warm; soft and elastic enough to make you feel comfortable




SIZE – Free

COLOR – White / Rose / Navy / Black / Purple



1 Pair X Comfort Foot Alignment Socks 


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