Miracle BBQ Grill & Bake Bag


Become the GRILL MASTER at your next BBQ! Getting food fallen, lost or stuck? NEVER AGAIN!

Miracle BBQ Grill & Bake Bag keeps any food for cooking on the BBQ in the stick-proof & one-flip-and-done way. Effortlessly turn any food into BBQ-friendly!

With this intense-heat resistant mesh bag, you can cook straight on the grill with no fallout inside the sealed bag! Enjoy 360° cooking – Even Heat, Non-stick & Easy Flipping!


  • Mesh Design Allows Even Heat & BBQ Flavor to Pass Through
  • Sealed Shut Bag = No Fallout!
  • Great for Small Foods: Veggies, Fish, Shrimp & More
  • Mouthwatering Grill Marks
  • Flip 25 Hot Dogs at One Time!
  • Uses as a Crisper Oven Bag for French Fries & More
  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Size: 40cm x 33cm (Large), 40cm x 28cm (Small)
  • 1 x BBQ & Baked Bag


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