Miracle Heel Blister Plaster

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Without friction between our shoes and the ground we cannot walk, but as good as it seems, friction on the skin isn’t good at all, it causes our favorite shoes to become coarse on the heels, thereby culturing painful wounds and blisters. The Miracle Heel Blister Plaster is designed to offer instant relief and protection on your blistered skin.

Through its hydrocolloid make-up, the impressive Heel Blister Plaster grants relief by gently covering thousands of sensitive nerves to prevent friction that is necessary for blisters to occur and fester. Its water, dust and bacteria proof design mean blisters and wound can heal faster. The Heel Blister Plaster also stays in place all day so you can always be on the go without hiccups.


  • Covers Thousands of Nerves From Contact
  • Hydrocolloid Design Instantly Relief Pain
  • Protects From Further Rubbing By Acting Like a Second Skin
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Prevents Against Bacteria Infestation
  • Can Last for Days Before Need For Replacement
  • Lightweight and Durable


    • Material: Adhesive Hydrocolloid, High Permeability PU Film
    • Weight: 15g
    • Size: 4.5cm x 7cm
    • Color: Skin Color


    • 4 PCS¬†Miracle Heel Blister Plaster


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