Multi-Purpose Leather & Plastic Cleaning Wax

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With the help of this Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wax, it can transform plastic and leather surfaces and make it look good as new! It provides a high-quality finish, protecting the surface from rust and oxidation. It leaves a long-term protection on any plastic and leather materials.

This product works on most kinds of plastic and leather surfaces. It effectively prevents aging and removes stains. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, very safe for your health. This cleaning wax is easy to use, not messy and has instant effects.


  • Effectively remove stains

It instantly and effectively removes stains from plastic and leather surfaces making it neat and clean.

  • Protects 

Once applied, it will serve as a coating that protects the plastic and leather materials from rust, dust, and oxidation.

  • Transforms aging plastic and leather surfaces

Makes every aging plastic and leather surfaces look good as new!

  • Suitable for all plastic and leather surfaces

You can apply this in all kinds of plastic such as your car’s central console, leather seats,  sofa and more!

Has instant effects

Effects are instantly visible, will transform any plastic and leather materials in split seconds.

  • Skin-friendly

This product is environmentally friendly, made from safe materials to protect humans and nature.


Net Weight: 260g


1 pc Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wax

1 pc Cleaning Sponge



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