Multi-tasking Silicone Sponge


Are you still currently using bacteria infested dish sponges? The Multi-tasking Silicone Sponge acts as an ultimate dish & veggie washer, hot pan holder, jar opener and more! No stinky odors or mold ever!

The anti-bacterial sponge allows no bacteria to grow and spread, guaranteeing effective cleaning while staying sanitary. The flexible bristles catch and remove stubborn dirt which can be easily rinsed clean.


  1. Kitchen Sponge
  2. Pan Scrubber
  3. Vegetable Washer
  4. Heat Resistant Gloves
  5. Jar Lid Opener
  6. Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
  7. the list goes on….


  • Anti-bacterial bristles against mildew¬†
  • Double-sided premium food grade silicone
  • Erases stubborn dirt & grease on pans quickly
  • Safe for washing vegetables without residues
  • Heat resistant & dish washer safe
  • Durable, holds shape overtime


  • Material: BPA-free Food Grade Silicone


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