Multifunction Foldable Pet Carrier Pouch

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Pets make do for the closest friends, especially when they are cute and lovable like they always do. They are known to reduce allergies, improve one’s social skills and make great companions, and that’s why your cats and dog deserve to be robed in stylish regalia like the Multifunction Foldable Pet Carrier Pouch which guarantee safety and comfort.

Made from premium canvas material available in blue, and black for your pets delight, the Foldable Pet Carrier Pouch comes in an exclusive design that makes going out with your darling pet easy and comfortable. This product also help keep your dogs and cats secure on your car seat while driving. All you need do is pass the seat belt through their collars and lock it up.


  • Stylish and Appealing Design
  • Comfy and Safe for Cats and Dogs
  • Foldable Pouch with a Handle to Ease Carriage
  • Adjustable Collar Which You Can Pass a Seat Belt Through
  • Available in Blue and Black Designs for Different Occasions
  • Provides an Opening So You Can Comfortably Trim Your Pet’s Claws


  • Pass the collar around your pet’s head and adjust till it fits.


  • Material: Canvass
  • Weight: 10g
  • Size: 58cm x 48cm
  • Color: Teal, Black


  • 1 x Multifunction Foldable Pet Carrier Pouch


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