Nano Liquid Screen Protector

$20.97 $8.97

The best shield for your phone is here – our Nano Liquid Screen Protector can keep your phone away from water, oil, scratches and more. 

The advanced Nano technology has created a hydrophobic protection which expels water and oil with an anti-bacterial treatment. It is effective in filtering blue light for further eye protection. The invisible protection has much enhanced the screen quality for the best user experience.

Being invisible doesn’t mean to be vulnerable. The improved hardness has made it resistant to scratches and crashes. No more annoying broken glasses will be found even when you drop your phone on any surface. Get rid of fingerprints and bubbles and enjoy a smoother touch!


  • Advanced Nano technology
  • Hydrophobic and invisible protection
  • Expels water and oil
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Effective in filtering blue light
  • Screen quality is enhanced
  • Improved hardness for scratches and crashes resistance
  • No more broken glasses, bubbles and fingerprints


Volume: 2ml


Nano Liquid Screen Protector x1


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