Neck Hammock for Pain Treatments

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Brace yourself for a life-changing moment, with this Neck Hammock for Pain Treatments! Created and designed by a physical therapist for treating neck pain and correcting posture. It is a recommended tool by most doctors, especially by Dr. Michael Pound, a renowned chiropractor in California.

Relax yourself using this Neck Hammock and treat the pains that you have been feeling from your shoulder up to your head! It expands your intervertebral space and relieves muscle tension so you can sleep soundly and comfortably. You can feel its relaxing effect in an instant. It is easy to use,  secure it via door jamb, doorknob,or railing. Use it at home or at the office.


  • Secure the device via door jamb, doorknob, and railing.
  • Lay your head on it and
  • Enjoy!


  • Treat Headaches, Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain
  • It expands the intervertebral space of a person and relieves muscle tension making the shoulder, neck, and head free from pain.

  • Correct Posture
  • Helps you sleep in the correct position and straighten your bones for a good posture.

  • Instant Effects
  • Users can feel the relaxation upon the moment of usage.

  • Chiropractor Recommended
  • Recommended by most, especially the very much trusted Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Pound

  • Enjoy a Good Sleep
  • It keeps your head in the correct position while resting or sleeping. Ergonomically designed to be extremely comfortable, providing the best, undisturbed rest for you

  • Convenient to use
  • Only two steps in using this neck hammock. First, secure it on a door jamb, doorknob, or on the railings. Second, lay your head on it and enjoy the relaxing sensation.

  • Durable
  • It is made from selected and high-quality materials, so it will last longer than the ordinary neck hammock.

  • Safe
  • You can have your back, shoulder, and neck pain treated without getting any side effects.

  • Easy Storage
  • Comes with waterproof pouch for easy storage and carrying around!


    Weight: 0.35kg

    Color: Black


    1pc Neck Hammock

    2pc Strings

    1pc Elastic Rope

    2pc Metal Hooks

    1pc Waterproof Pouch!


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