Nose Hair Removal Wax Kit

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Get rid of those embarrassing hair

Remove unwanted hair in minutes and leaving the nostrils hair free for up to 1 month
Nose Wax rips the hair out at the root, so it takes longer to grow back

When coated with the soothing chamomile and aloe-enriched wax, the specially designed applicator fits just inside the nose to remove only the long, visible hairs, leaving the important hair deep inside the nose undisturbed.
Prevent embarrassing situation & help you to breathe so much better….


✅  Remove embarrassing nose hair in 1 min

✅  Takes longer time to grow back (Up to 1 month)

✅  Safe & Easy to use

✅  Only remove the long, visible hairs, leaving the important hair deep inside the nose undisturbed 

How to use?

✅ Step 1: Melt Wax

  • Two Ways to Melt The Wax
  • a) By Microwave, about 60~90s.
  • b) By Hot Water, about 2~3mins.

✅ Step 2: Dip The Wax

  • Rotate SafeStick in the melted wax to gets the appropriate amount of wax.wait 30s until wax colder you can use it

✅ Step 3: Insert Applicator

  • While inserting the applicator into the nostril, slightly rotate the applicator and push the nose wing to get better grab effect. Wait about 1~2 mins until the wax set.

✅ Step 4: Pull Out

  • Pull out the applicator as quick as possible, the More quick, the Less pain.Discard the stick after using.


Package design:

  • Nose Wax 50g
  • Applicators x 20 pcs
  • Silicon cup x 1pc 
  • User Manual x 1pc 


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