Organic Rose Essence Hand and Foot Peel Mask

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Save your hands and feet after a long day of work now. Treat yourself with this Organic Rose Essence Hand and Foot Peel Mask and enjoy a relaxing hand and foot bath experience.

Every drip and drop of rose honey is carefully extracted from curated organic roses to ensure the quality and freshness. Together with witch hazel extract, rose essential oil and sophora flavescens extract, the mask nourishes tender and smooth skin with peeling and whitening effects.

First it gently peels off dead skin and clean the pores, then it deeply moisturize your skin with essence to rejuvenate your hand and feet with brightness and softness. Fine lines will also be lightened.


  • Applicable to both hands and feet
  • Precious ingredients: Organic rose essence, extract of witch hazel and sophora flavescens
  • No more dry skin / dark palms / cuticle / cracked skin etc.
  • Remove dead skin and clean the pores
  • Nourishes with moist and essence
  • Can enjoy a simple home spa anytime
  • Simple and easy to use: Apply and tear it off


Other Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Corn starch, Kaolin, EDTA disodium, Sophora flavescens extract, Witch hazel extract, Rose spice, etc.

Volume: 100g


Organic Rose Essence Hand and Foot Peel Mask x1


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