Pain Relief Herbal Warming Patch

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Is your stomach getting overwhelmed by work stress, seasonal fatigue or even menstrual pain? Check out our Pain Relief Herbal Warming Patch for an instant and natural body cure. Restore your lost appetite and energy now!

With one of the most powerful herbs – Artemisia (a.k.a Wormwood) in use, it has been proven to be anti-inflammatory as it contains the specific phytochemical compounds. For stomach-related diseases i.e. indigestion, stomaches, bloated stomach, the patch is especially effective is soothing and curing. The patch is also useful in relieving body pain and swelling, menstrual cramps and even arthritis etc. 

Even if you are not suffering in any kind of body pain, the mixture of herbs (including artemisia, ginger, licorice, angelica etc.) will still provide your body with a natural treatment which not only stimulates your body circulation system, but also penetrates the essence to your body and expel the toxins and water retention. 


  • 1 Patch = Essence of 6 Artemisia Sticks
  • Made with natural abstract of various herbs: Artemisia, ginger, licorice, angelica etc.
  • Applicable in any kinds of body pain: Neck, shoulder, back, waist, feet, etc.
  • Cure menstrual pain or cramps and warm the uterus
  • Improve body swelling problems
  • Expel toxins and water retention
  • Directly penetrate herbal essences to body
  • Encourage body circulation system
  • Stimulate energy boost


Main Ingredients: Extracts of Artemisia, Ginger, Licorice, Angelica, Clubmoss Herb, etc.

Amount: 10 Patches/Box 


Pain Relief Herbal Warming Patch x1 Box








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