Painful Cowboy Party Pet Costume

$32.99 $14.99

The ultimate party booster – get your pet dressed and the costume will do the rest! 

Featuring a cowboy with a painful but hilarious facial expression on the top, your fluffy friend will be transformed into an adorable horse! Turn into an intense bullfight scene when your pet runs really fast, or take off the detachable hat of the cowboy for extra fun!

Crafted in premium soft fleece fabric, the costume comes with a lightweight cowboy plush, which will not add any burden to your pet’s back but warmth, comfort and breathability. With an easy-wear velcro, it’s hassle-free to wear and take off.


  • Super fun & cute design
  • Premium fleece fabric
  • Warm, smooth and soft
  • Non-woven plush with extra breathability
  • Advanced velcro for easy wearing
  • Perfect for different occasions
  • Shooting must-have
  • Different sizes available
  • Applicable to both dogs & cats


Size: S, M, L, XL


1x Painful Cowboy Party Dog Costume


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