Perfect Winged Eyeliner Stamp

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Winged eyeliner sends most women into full panic overdrive. They worry about spending endless minutes trying to get it right, but you can kiss all such worries goodbye with the arrival of the Perfect Winged Eyeliner Stamp, designed for elegance and perfection.

With its two sides, one with a stamp to make the wings for you, the other to draw a steady, smudge-proof line that is hard to mess up, the Eyeliner Stamp is an absolute must-have for every woman.


  • Eliminates the Panic: 
    No more struggling to get your eye makeup symmetrical
  • Perfection at Your Finger Tip: 
    It does not only come with so much beauty, it comes with absolute perfection
  • Ease of Use: 
    Just stamp, line, and slay those wings
  • Consistency and Result: 
    You will be rocking perfect eyeliners each and every time
  • Safe to Use: 
    It does not put your skin or eye in any form of danger


    1. Apply liquid eyeliner on the stamp.
    2. Stamp in the desired position, then shape and complete with the eyeliner pencil.


      • Material: Silicone
      • Weight: 25g
      • Size: 3.5cm
      • Color: Pink (As Shown)


      • 1 Pair Classic 
      • 1 Pair Dramatic


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