Pet Treat Launcher

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The ultimate treat launcher to interact with your furry friend!


Positive reinforcement training is the most effective way to train your pet, and it gets you the best results over the long-term. This is why this Pet Treat Launcher is important for every dog owner.


It will keep your pet entertained for hours and helps to launch the favorite treats of your pet and keep you hands-free so that you can have a good interaction & bonding time with your pet. 


Fill the treat container with your pet’s favorite nibbles and press the button to watch him jump for joy as he retrieves treats from mid-air. It has a very strong spring installed inside which makes the food launch at a far distance.


Eject the food from this gun-like pet treat launcher by pushing the button or the trigger. NO BATTERIES REQUIREDUsing the launcher before feeding time is also a great way for your pet to start burning calories to maintain a healthy weight.


  • Super Easy to Use – Simply fill the launcher with delicious treats and start using it. No Batteries, No recharging, it can’t be any simpler!

  • Encourage good behavior – Teach your pet that good behavior = good things by giving them treats and praise when they obey commands and do good things.

  • Bite-Resistant – We know your pet will try to get the toys out when you’re not looking, which is why this treat launcher is bite-proof.

  • Made of high-quality grade materials, non-toxic, and very safe for holding the food treats of your pets. 
      • Easy to load with your pet’s favorite treats and has a spring-loaded trigger to launch treats.
      • The treat container is transparent so you can still see how much food is left inside.
          • The handle is designed to give you a comfortable grip.
          • Great interactive fun for you and your dog and cat. 
          • It keeps your hands free to feed your pet.

          • No batteries required.

          Pet Treat Launcher


          • Material: ABS + PP
          • Size: 17 x 7.6 x 4.5 cm / 6.68 x 2.99 x 1.77 inches (L x W x H)
          • Net Weight: 178g / 6.28 oz


          • 1 x Pet Treat Launcher


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