Platinum Orthotics Gel Insole

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While standing or walking, your feet carry all of the weight of your body, adding ample pressure to the bones, ligaments and muscles down there. The new Platinum Orthotics Gel Insole is engineered to give your feet the needed support and comfort when standing or walking.

Designed to steady your heels and ankle, the Platinum Orthotics Gel Insole works by a foot arch support system that distributes weight evenly on your feet to reduce stress on knee, pelvic and joint regions. Its extra cushioning also enhances stability while giving you maximum protection.


  • Reduces Feet, Knee, Pelvic and Back Pain: 
    properly aligns spine and feet in tandem to smoothen out movement and avoid avoidable pain-inducing friction.
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  • Distributes Body Weight Evenly: 
    foot arch support pivots feet so body weight is evenly distributed.
  • Improves Posture: 
    by steadying the heels, hips and joints, body posture appears more appealing, healthy and balanced.
  • Cushions Feet and Absorbs Shock: 
    a unique gel pad cushions feet and absorbs shock from strain or sudden tilt during movement.
  • Pivots Flat and Arching Feet: 
    provides support so flat feet doesn’t fold inward, and arching feet, flatly outward.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Weight: 290g
  • Size: See Chart
  • Color: As Shown


    • 1Pair – Platinum Orthotics Gel Insole with 4 types of foot massager


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