Portable Nail Dryer Egg

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Keeping the polish and gels dry can be time consuming, especially when you’re indoors or in low sunlight. This Portable Nail Dryer Egg is designed to perfectly keep your nails dry within seconds, anywhere and at any time.

Egg-shaped and super cool to sight, the Nail Dryer features a lightweight curve plastic design housing a rain of mild ultraviolet light that comes on when you place your finger on the Dryer’s inner canvas.


  • Simple and Efficient Design
  • Adaptable to any Electrical Power Source
  • Made From Eco-friendly ABS Plastic
  • Dries Polish and Gels in less than 30 Seconds
  • Non Irritable and Perfect For All Skin Type
  • Mild Light That Is Harmless to the Eyes
  • Lightweight and Super Durable


  • Material: ABS Plastic, Transistor Chips, Ultraviolet Light Bulb
  • Weight: 35g
  • Size: 5.8cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Color: White


  • 1 x Portable Nail Dryer Egg


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