Portable USB 1600x Microscope


Discover and observe things zoomed up to 1000 times, enabling the user to see even the smallest thing, even your pores, in HD resolution. Comes in with photo and video taking function and 8 LED lights with 3 different levels of brightness.

It comes with a cord that connects the lenses to monitor enabling you to observe things even from distant places. Highly durable and sturdy, suitable for long-term usage


  • 1600x Zoom In

Allows you to see and observe the things our naked eyes can’t see like microorganisms, small coin details, parts of a leaf, and more!

  • Portable

It is lightweight and portable; perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Works on Mobile Phones and Computers

Comes with a cord for connecting to your mobile phone and computer monitor for the zoomed in display.

  • Takes Photo & Video

Snap button for taking photos and long push for taking videos of enlarge images.

  • LED Lights

Helps brightening the darkness on zoomed in area with 8 LED lights around the scope.

  • Modern Design

Different from old microscope designs, this product is portable, great details in 1600x magnification with HD resolution on digital screen.

  • Durable

Made from high-quality materials with the help of modern technology, making it last for a long time with proper handling and care.


Magnification: 500x / 1000x / 1600x

Resolution: 1920×1080,1280×720,640×480

Image sensor: 2 Megapixels

Light source: 8 Illuminating LED Lights

Package Includes

1x Portable Microscope with single USB (500x / 1000x / 1600x)

1x Stand


1x Portable Microscope with 3in1 USB (1600x)

1x Stand


1x Portable Microscope with single USB (500x / 1000x / 1600x)


1x Portable Microscope with 3in1 USB (1600x)


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