PRO Cat Eyeliner Stencils (2pcs Set)

$29.99 $10.97

No more shaky hands & struggles with getting perfect wings & eyeshadow looks done!

Create a sexy, bold & clean Winged Eyeliners and Smokey Eyes effortlessly with PRO Cat Eyeliner Stencils in minimal time!

The cut-out, fit-close-to-eyes stencils allow you to draw flawless eyeliners with no fails & minimum effort thanks to the flexible design.

Last Minute Get Ready Challenge – DONE in a few sec! From simple & clean eye looks of a bold & signature wings to dramatic & mesmerizing eyeshadow looks – an essential tool for makeup experts and beginners!

  • Instantly creates Two Perfect Classic Designs – Cat Eyes or Smokey Eyes wings 
  • Draws eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lower waterline in Seconds
  • Fool Proof, Quick & easy application 
  • Flexible to fit the contour of your eyes
  • Works with powder, liquid and gel eye products
  • Completely waterproof, washable & reusable


  • Material: Washable Soft Plastic


  • Hold the stencil firmly against your eyelid and follow its contours with makeup brush / eyeliner
  • Blend & smooth out harsh line if any


  1. Use a powder shadow first then a liquid or gel liner if necessary for best results
  2. Apply powder shadow with a pressing motion (not a sweeping) for precise & even application
  3. Wipe stencil clean before moving on to another eye


  • 1pc X PRO Cat Eyeliner Stencil
  • 1pc X PRO Smokey Eyeshadow Stencil
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