QuickFill™ Self-Sealing Water Balloons


Have a blast this summer, beat the heat with the newest and coolest water balloons in the market introducing the all-new QuickFill™ Self-Sealing Water Balloons.It features self-sealing technology, which you can tie up to 100 water balloons in just 60 seconds! Jump in the fun as much as you want with your friends, kids, relatives, and more!Perfect for pool parties, beach, family reunion, & water polo events! The perfect summer-get-away toy and must-have in every outing!


Summer Essential
You can have a fun summer regardless of individual combat or team battle. It’s time for water balloons war, test your strength, endurance, speed, and accuracy!
Rapid Filling
Save filling time and jump into the outdoor fun this summer! Fill & Tie 100 Water Balloons in just 60 Seconds!
Innovative Self-sealing Technology
No more tedious tying with QuickFill™ Self-Sealing Water Balloons design! After the water balloon rushes into enough water, the balloon automatically refills and it won’t leak because of the rubber band at the balloon.
Biodegradable natural latex balloons and rubber bands, Recyclable water-filled pipes, and outer packaging ensure environmental protection requirements that are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.



  • Material: Natural Latex
  • Shape: Round
  • Color: red, yellow, green, purple, orange, pink, blue.


  • QuickFill™ Self-Sealing Water Balloons


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